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Horrormerch Bloodbath Commercial
you can view the commercial below or you can right click and download the video here:
Windows Media (640x360 - 50MB) or MPG (940x530 - 190MB)

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Download the free MP3 by Cyanotic that we used for this commercial!

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Shoot Info:
Shot between 2008 and 2009 in Cleveland, OH we had assembled a few friends, 15 gallons of blood and a bunch of hot girls in as little clothing as possible to terrorize the streets and have a bloody good time.

Our first shoot consisted of about 10 girls, 3 guys and little to no problems minus the 10F cold weather during the shoot. Lots of blood and on-lookers as these girls ran down the street chasing a few "victims" that were a part of this shoot. The second shoot, which was not as cold, but had a bit more snow on the ground, proved to be a bit more entertaining as the police, local fire company and EMS had been called as someone was "walking down the street looking like they had been hit by a car". This however, was just one of our "victims" after a scene where he was disemboweled on the side of a by one of our scantly clad girls.

Plus with visits to our local landmark, the Christmas Story House, while everyone was still covered in blood ensued with varied reactions from the patrons that were visiting this landmark. The car that was covered in blood with 4 scantly clad girls covered in blood, would have probably been the reason why. Past the humor, blood wrenching insanity and everyone ducking bouts of pneumonia and hypothermia, the shoots were a great project to be a part of and we hope you enjoy our little commercial as much as we enjoyed making it!

Thanks to everyone involved in the shoot for their time, effort and being troopers through multiple takes while being covered in blood that was actually quite tasty. Also thanks to the band Cyanotic and Bitriot Records for letting us use the track The Static Screen for the soundtrack to this release and also all of the press and publicity around it as well!

Looking forward to another commercial starting later this year, just hopefully it won't take us a year to edit and air the next one! :)

- Kristoff / horrormerch.com -

Cast and Crew:
Ideas/Video/Editing : Kristoff
Fx: Joe / Rob / Kristoff
BTS: Bamm / Kevin B
Victims: ChrisZ / Jason / Tim / Rooster / Chris / Marco / Brewer
Photo Stills: Scarlett / Caitlin / Jen / Drea / Vanity Kills / Bobbi Hatchet / Joey Martini
Video Models: Karen / Scarlett / Caitlin / Shannon / Minxxx / Sasha / Hali / Sarah / Angie / Cheryl / Madilynn / Jenn

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